Honestly, I really like good old fashioned slapstick humor but the slapstick in this movie just never really made me laugh. But having said that, it's still not a bad movie and it certainly isn't as bad as most people were anticipating it to be.

So the good news about this movie is that it's not being anything too bad or lame. And really, that still is the most positive thing I took out of this movie. The beauty and power of slapstick, in my opinion is, is that you often can see the joke coming from miles away already but it still can make you laugh real hard because it all got done so extremely well and perfectly executed and delivered, by its director and actors. That just isn't ever the case with this movie. You can see the jokes coming from miles away and it's all being very predictable and not executed in such a way that it ever made me laugh.

It still all makes the movie maintaining and entertaining to watch though. Even though the story is incredibly simplistic and the movie often was simply repeating itself, I never got bored with it. I still did wish for some more original stuff to happen in it though. Slapstick movies are some of the most creative movies out there. Something I can't really say for this movie.

It probably still is true that lovers of the classic 'Three Stooges' will still get a bigger kick and laugh out of this movie. They might be able to recognize some inside jokes and references, which I all clearly missed.

And it's not like Chris Diamantopoulos, Sean Hayes and Will Sasso were bad as the 'Three Stooges' but they clearly were playing caricatures of the three classic characters, which is something I just don't like very much.

Well, it's watchable enough all but I doubt it will mark the revival of the classic slapstick genre. I'm still giving it really the benefit of the doubt and I'm still interested in seeing were they are going to take the characters and its comedy to, in some possible sequels.


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  1. I didn’t really think it was terrible as I thought it was going to be in the first place because surprisingly, it did have me laugh. However, those laughs came in way too far apart from each other and the film as a whole, ends up being a little too stretched out. Would have del Toro, Penn, and Carrey made this any better? Who knows?!? Good review.