Out of all the Marvel superhero movies, this was probably the least likely one to succeed. Not only does it feature a fairly unknown superhero, it also had a pretty unusual cast and crew involved. None of the sings were very promising really but as it turns out, the movie is actually one of the better, modern, superhero flicks out there!

Kenneth Branagh isn't exactly a director who is known for his action- or big budgeted movies. He's a director who is more fond of direction Shakespeare- and Shakespeare type of movies. This approach and style however also proofed to be very effective for this movie. It suits the story, everything that is happening in it and its characters and dialog all very well.

It also doesn't necessarily feature a typical superhero movie cast. For Thor, the unknown Chris Hemsworth got cast, who turned out to be a great choice. As a love interest, it has Natalie Portman, which doesn't sound very likely but then again, she is no usual love interest. It's a very solid character on its own, who just happens to fall for the God of thunder. It's surprising how basically everybody in this movie suits their roles so extremely well. Really, Anthony Hopkins, Stellan SkarsgÄrd, Tom Hiddleston, Kat Dennings, Colm Feore, Idris Elba, Rene Russo, there is not one bad casting choice in this movie, though it all still might sound a bit as an unusual cast list on paper. I would also especially like to mention Tom Hiddleston, who was perfect, in the role of the main villain Loki.

It's a movie in which everything comes together surprisingly well. It's being a great mixture of several elements, such as storytelling and spectacle. It besides manages to find a great balance between the scenes that are taking place on Earth and the ones taking place at Asgard. Both are completely different from each other, with each different 'rules' and visual styles. Yet it all blends in with each other perfectly and the movie feels like one big whole.

It's a surprising spectacular movie, which is also really thanks to its vivid visuals. Asgard looks fantastic and the so do all of the movie its other effects. It's a real special effects heavy movie but the effects often are not necessarily just there to impress but also to help to tell its story and create a wonderful atmosphere for the movie.

Besides, the movie is also being a very classy one. It has some great cinematography and it's obvious that often the emphasis of the filmmakers got put on its actors and their performances and delivery of their lines. It results in often some great dialog and performances by its cast, that help to keep the movie going and great, fun and compelling enough to watch, at all times.

Really not much wrong with this movie and it quite honestly is among the best and also most surprising superhero movies of recent years.


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