We really need great big fat action-flicks like this one, at least once every couple of years, to remind us that the genre is still very much alive and still has plenty of originality and potential to it as well, as this small budget, Indonesian movie clearly demonstrates.

It's really being a very simplistic movie, with both its settings and story but none of this really matters, since basically everything else is done so well.

It's a very straightforward action-flick that features plenty of graphic violence in it as well. It's not only an action movie with lots of gunfights and explosions in it, it's also being a true old school material arts flick. And a really good one as well! All of the fights are very well choreographed and filmed and even features some moves that I had never seen before. It's also pretty extreme all, so expect lots of blood flying around and limbs getting crushed. This movie just doesn't ever hold back with any of its violence and it's basically being like a non-stop action spectacle.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this movie remains that it's an Indonesian production. A country that isn't exactly known for its cinema but this movie absolutely looks and feels like a big, multi-million dollar production, with lots of talent and experienced involved, both in front and behind the cameras. Nothing about this movie indicates that it got made with a fairly small budget and with not that many experienced people involved, while in fact this all was actually being the case. A true accomplishment from that perspective but also otherwise, this would had been a great movie to watch, with any sort of budget and language involved.

And by saying that his movie does not have a whole lot of story in it, is perhaps not enough credit for this movie. They obviously at least attempted to give the movie some story, even while the entire movie is taking place in the same building. They even managed to give the movie some depth, also with its characters. It's true that its main storyline is a very simple and straightforward one but there is still plenty happening around it with its story and characters.

It's really such a professional looking movie, with some great cinematography, editing and just overall style to it. It's brutal and graphic but not in an exploratory kind of way. In a way this movie is being more like a video game than a conventional action-flick perhaps.

A great straightforward action-flick, that is a must-see for every lover of the genre, all over the world.


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