Nothing wrong with some dumb action movies but this was one I just couldn't ever really get into or liked watching.

It's being a very typical genre flick, that perhaps is only good to watch late at night, on a Saturday evening, or something like that. It's not bad and it's indeed still entertaining enough but at the same time, I just can't call it a very good movie.

Perhaps it's true that I have seen too many movies like this one already but it was disappointing for me that this movie didn't ever played out as anything fresh or surprising. Besides, I had a hard time getting into this movie or feel involved with any of its characters and actions. This is probably due to it that the movie is being a very simplistic one with its story. The good news about this is that it's also being a very straightforward genre movie, with plenty of action to enjoy in it.

This isn't really the case for the first half of the movie though, which is needlessly slow and overlong. The movie definitely got better to watch in its second half, when its action kicked in. No doubt that the first half was meant to get us more involved with its characters and get to known them as well but the movie so easily also could had done this as the movie progressed, with plenty of action going on at the same time. There was no need for the movie really to take such a long time to establish and setup things.

Another thing that I didn't really liked about this movie was how absurd its story could get at times. I mean, the thing with the story is that almost literally everybody is a bad guy in it. The Russians, the Chinese, the cops. It's just a bit too much all and doesn't ever really work out as anything convincing or entertaining enough.

It's also true that Jason Statham is simply being Jason Statham again in this movie. He too often plays the same sort of character now days, which is really disappointing, since I actually quite like him as an actor and believe he has plenty of charisma and range in him as well.

The action still saves this movie from being a total disaster. It's being brought very lively to the screen by some great camera-work and nimble editing. It's watchable enough all but definitely nothing I can consider to be recommendable.


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