Honestly, I liked the previous two Mummy movies for what they were but this one is really hard to enjoy however.

Hard to say were things went wrong, since it's a combination of so many factors. First of all, it's having a different director this time around, so the style and approach to it is already quite different, when compared to the two previous movies, directed by Stephen Sommers. He understood the characters, its universe and the do's and don't's with it all, while Rob Cohen, who directed this movie, clearly was all new to it and was just shooting away, without any regard to telling a good story, or let the characters do the things the audience wants and expects to see them do.

It was also quite weird for the series to take a totally different approach this time with its settings. China just ain't no Egypt and watching a bunch of mummies walking around there just doesn't ever feel right. It's a totally different atmosphere and mythology involved. But really, this is all perhaps still the least of the movie its problems.

It simply didn't had a very good script to work with. First of all, the buildup to it all is taking far too long and when the pace and action starts to kick in, you are almost constantly wondering to yourself what it is that you are watching exactly. All of the action seems to happen so very random and certain characters just come and go, whenever the movie pleases. It besides is lacking a good, original and clear main plot line. OK so the emperor mummy, played by Jet Li, is evil but why exactly? And what does he want? The movie too often doesn't really seem to be heading anywhere and most of the stuff seems to happen without any consequences, which also already takes away quite a lot of its tension and any of the involvement with its characters and story.

Basically all of the The Mummy movies had been some Indiana Jones knockoffs but this movie really takes the cake. It comes across as some real lazy writing when a typical Indiana Jones moments happens in this movie, that isn't being original or creative in any way.

And really, when Rachel Weisz refused to reprise her role in this movie, her character should had been written out and not recast. Or maybe this was just something that bothered me because Maria Bello did such an awful job at playing the Evelyn character. But none of the actors really come across too well, with perhaps an exception to John Hannah, who simply continued to do his thing as the comical relief of the series.

The movie was also being a bit too heavy on its special effects, which became especially distracting because not all of the CGI effects were that great to look at, though obviously plenty of money still got pumped into this movie.

No, it's not a completely horrible movie and not really one that I hated watching, though I'm probably still making it sound that way right now. As simple entertainment, it does has its moments but overall there really is no way I would recommend this movie to anyone.


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