This is a movie you are very likely to forget, a week after you have seen it. I wouldn't exactly call it one of the worst genre movies ever made but it still is one that is lacking a whole bunch of things.

The way the horror and whole mystery of the movie gets presented is disappointing, to say the very least about it. It's lacking a good buildup and the movie does a poor job at explaining everything and to let stuff make sense. Really, when looking back at this movie, nothing really makes enough sense, which only adds to the redundant impression that the overall movie is making.

You can't even really this a horror but I also don't think that this was the approach they were heading for. They went for a more quiet and humble approach, which was supposed to add to the movie its mystery. But the story just isn't ever interesting or original enough to carry the movie through. As a viewer you will already figure things out before the characters in this movie will, which is always an annoying aspect about genre movies, such as this one.

Another big reason why the movie just doesn't ever work out is its pacing. The movie really has some bad editing in it and at times it even feels like scenes are completely missing. Things often happen too fast ever each other and there just isn't ever a natural flow to any of it. It feels almost as if this movie got shot in a hurry and got put together in a couple of days, in the editing room. It does feel a bit like an incomplete movie.

Thing that I did like about it was the fact that it featured an all girl cast. It's set at a boarding school for girls. It gives the movie already a special sort of atmosphere and the way the girls interact with each other feels genuine. I'm also confident about it that women will like this movie better than men, since some of its themes should be recognizable to most.

It still is a movie you simply shouldn't bother with. It's not exciting, it's not mysterious, it's not surprising, not scary, not particularly pleasant. It basically has far too little to offer to anyone.


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