Of course nothing wrong with a more little and indie type of movie, as long as its good or compelling, which just most often isn't the case with this movie.

The whole movie came across as a bit of a pointless one to me. the story is lacking a clear purpose and by the end of it, it also doesn't feel like anything has been resolved.

Besides, everything in this movie feels far from natural. I'm not even necessarily talking about its story and the situations that are happening in it but more so about its characters and their relationships amongst each other. People fall in love, just because the story tells them to but not because there is any chemistry or any good reason for the two of them to fall in love with each other. Or at least the movie just doesn't give any. And the movie is being like this, with just about everything and everyone that is in this movie. A girl is weird, just because she is and a boy is supposed to be insanely smart, even while the movie doesn't ever give you any good reasons to believe this all. The whole way they get presented in this story and react to each other feel far from likely or natural. It just didn't made this movie a very pleasant one.

To me it's being very obvious that Dennis Lee had seen a bit too many Wes Anderson movies and he tries to be just like him, with his style and approach. It uses similar tropes, such as having quirky characters in it, that however do absolutely nothing good and interesting and by turning something that normally isn't funny at all into something comedic, just and only in the way it gets presented but not because it's actually something funny. No, I'm far from a big Wes Anderson fan, so it's also no big surprise that I really didn't liked this movie either, since it's simply being a lite- and less clever or original version of a Wes Anderson movie.

It's not a horrible movie, just not really one that I could ever like watching or felt like it was doing anything clever or compelling, with neither its different plot lines or any of its characters.


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  1. I dunno, there's a lot of good in the trailer and the opportunity to see Collette and Sheen work together is not something I'm gonna turn down.

    I should qualify this by saying I probably wouldn't pay too see it in a theater but I only see maybe 5 movies a year outside the home. I will def watch on Netflix or when it eventually shows up on Sundance or hopefully one of the pay cable channels I get in HD.