Honestly, I was really liking the movie at first and felt ready to write nothing but positive things about it. There however gets a point in the movie when you realize that it just isn't going anywhere and it just won't become any more tense or interesting to watch.

It really is a perfectly atmospheric horror production but as it turns out, its all style and buildup, without ever having any good payoff.

Problem with this mostly lies with its story. This story tries to present itself as something really clever, while in fact it really isn't. It needlessly tries to over complicate stuff, which feels forced and besides also really redundant. There just never is a clever or unexpected twist in this movie and when there comes a twist it only makes you go; 'ehh, well OK, if you say so...'.

It seemed like this movie truly had some good ideas in it and there was also plenty potential in it. There is not much wrong with its concept itself but the movie just never really manages to turn it all into something grabbing, tense or mysterious enough.

I guess that the people behind this movie also expected a lot more from it. It got directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who previously had done "28 Weeks Later" and it involved some pretty big name actors, namely Clive Owen and Carice van Houten. I liked Owen in his role but it seems that most of the other characters remained far too underdeveloped and too often got pushed to the background. It doesn't help much that the movie pretty much follows two story lines, set at different places, involving different people, that however unnecessarily complicates things further, without making a relevant enough impression to its story.

It has the right atmosphere and buildup for a movie of this sort but ultimately its lacking in substance and payoff.


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