This movie had a promising concept but the actual movie turned out to be a total disappointment. And not just that, it was simply being a really bad movie as well!

There truly is an awful lot wrong with this movie. I'm sure that it got made with all of the right intentions and it's also quite a great accomplishment, considering its limited resources but it just simply isn't being a very good movie.

It already starts off quite poorly. The movie gets right into its 'action', which sounds like a good thing but in this case I would had liked to have received some more background information and characters buildup. Things now instead develop as the movie slowly goes along but problem with that all is that it never gave me a feeling that it was going anywhere, or was building up to some great, surprising or spectacular climax.

It's all so very flawed and ridicules. The movie does a very bad job at building up anything or handling its tension. It's picking a more slow sort of approach at times, no doubt in an attempt to create tension and mystery with it but it instead makes the movie needlessly long at parts and lets it drag as well.

Besides, the story is real hard to get into. Not just because of its lacking storytelling but also because of the story itself. The mission is supposedly a very important one, yet only 2, poorly equipped soldiers are send in and the research that the Germans were doing inside the bunker was supposed to be top secret and important for the outcome of the war. Yet the bunker is hardly protected and the two Kiwi 'commandos' have absolutely no problem entering it. Besides, if there was so many important research going on, than how come there was only 1 scientist and a handful of guards involved. Really, it was stuff like this that prevented me from ever liking the movie, or getting into it.

And there just isn't enough variety in this movie. It's one that is almost entirely set inside of a Nazi bunker, with only literally an handful of characters involved. The movie really doesn't do anything surprising or credible enough with its concept, even while it all still sounded quite promising and fun on paper.

There just isn't very much to enjoy in this movie, not even for the horror lovers, to which its main concept sounds like something truly awesome. Trust me, there just is nothing great or awesome about this movie at all.


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