No, I won't say that this is a bad movie but it is a very average one, in about every department.

I truly had a hard time discovering a main plot line in this movie. I know that it's mostly supposed to be an origins story but it either should had been a complete origin story or one that told about the origins of Steve Rogers/Captain America, in its first 10 minutes or so and then continued further with its action. The movie now is half of everything. The first half is the origins story, while the second half of the movie is being a more traditional superhero movie, in which our hero has to battle an evil villain, who tries to take over the world, with his occult powers. It's not balanced out all too well in my opinion and made the movie also a bit of a messy one, with its pacing and storytelling.

It also was a problem that I just couldn't ever like- or care enough for the movie its main character. Captain America just came across as a pretty dull character, with not enough charisma. He just didn't had enough in him for me to like him well enough, which also caused me to care even less about this movie and everything that was happening in it.

But the one character that was even more worse and disappointing was the main villain, the Red Skull, played by Hugo Weaving. What the point of his red skull was? I have no idea. And further more, he also remains terribly underdeveloped and gets poorly used in this movie. He doesn't have enough scenes and is being far too stereotypical, for a superhero movie villain. Nothing about him ever works out as anything threatening or surprising at all.

Now, people that I did like in this movie were Tommy Lee Jones and...well, that was it I suppose. All of the other characters remain far too shallow and besides stereotypical to ever make a real impression.

It seemed like the movie had plenty of good ideas in it but putting all of the ideas together and turn it into one great, well flowing movie, was a whole different nut to crack for them. So actually I'm not saying that the Captain America character and franchise doesn't has a bright future ahead of it but they need to come up with a better story next time, also to make all of the characters some more compelling ones.

Of course it's not being a terrible movie by any means. I mean, it still has plenty of entertainment value to it and it sill is a big and slick looking movie, with all of its effects and settings and some decent enough action. Still I can't help but to feel disappointed, with overall the movie.


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  1. the chick in this movie with the big cans is smoking hot!