Vampire hunters in space! Doesn't that sound awesome? Sure it does but that doesn't mean that this is an awesome movie as well.

This is a movie from the days that vampires were suddenly cool again and the movie borrows a lot from the style of the "Blade" movies, that were flashy, fast and action filled. This movie tries to be like that as well, as well as with its characters but it of course is lacking the right budget and talents involved for that, so the movie more often feels as a lame one.

But really, as far as these low budget B-movie type of science-fiction flicks go, this one is not amongst the worst of them. It's still pretty good looking and the movie simply doesn't ever become a horrible one. Bad, yes! But definitely not horrible. Not that I'll ever watch this movie again but I at least didn't feel like I was completely wasting my time with it.

I still did wish for the movie to do something more with its concept though. For a movie that is about vampire hunters in space, there is a disappointing amount of vampire hunting going on. So please, if you are expecting lots of awesome vampire action, then think again.

But all of this could be blamed on its story. Or well, perhaps its storytelling, since the movie doesn't seem to be very interested in telling its story. Things just happen, without going anywhere with it. It feels really messy at times and I often kept wondering what it's main plot line was actually supposed to be all about.

I also seriously thought that this movie was based on a TV-series of perhaps was part of a movie series, since this actual movie does very little about its character setup and building or providing any background information to its story. But as far as I can tell, this movie is based- or part of nothing, so it's a complete standalone movie, which makes it odd that it behaves itself as if everybody should be familiar with the characters already and the far off alien worlds it is taking placing at.

It really does a lot of things wrong. It has Michael Ironside as, supposedly, the main villain but he gets introduced half way through the movie and actually is also very little in the movie at all. It's storytelling and character handling like this that still makes this a pretty bad movie to watch, most of the time.

It's not the worst genre example but there still is no good reason why you should ever watch this.


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