There were countless problems I had with this movie. I didn't liked its style, wasn't fond of its story, not impressed with its horror or comedy. But still the biggest problem I had with this movie was that it felt like a very distantly made one, which prevented me from ever getting into it, which is, you could say, a direct result, of all of the problems I had with this movie.

First of all, I don't even really know what this movie was supposed to be. At first it gets presented as a comedy but after a while it drops this and it starts to become a more conventional Japanese horror movie. Which brings me to another problem; its horror.

No, horror-wise there wasn't a lot to enjoy about this movie. No good scares, no true originality with any of it and not a good buildup to it all. This movie could had used a a creepy kind of atmosphere but instead it more has a quirky and at times even artistic approach to things.

But all that its artistic approach consists out off, are a couple of unusual camera-angles, which personally, only annoyed me and distracted too much from the movie. It made the movie different but just unfortunately never in a good way.

I just couldn't ever care about anything that was happening in this movie. I admit that it didn't help an awful lot that the movie has such a confusing and unusual story in it. It's hard to follow and perhaps this is a movie that requires multiple viewings but I'm sorry, I am never going to see it again.

Not that I hated this movie or found anything about it truly bad or offensive but this is not a movie I enjoyed watching, or got anything else out off. In short; nothing about it is likable or interesting enough to make me care about it.


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