Of course this is not a great movie but that is more so because you can't even really call this a movie in the first place.

It's not necessarily following a story, or trying to build its characters. It's simply being one very straightforward movie, that delivers on what it promises. In that regard I also can't really see how someone can dislike this movie. It never pretended to be something that it wasn't and I liked the movie for that.

In the days that found-footage movies are getting really popular, it is fun to see movies coming up with new and original, great stuff. This movie entirely looks like it got shot with cell phones (which was also true for most part, by the way), which gets you right in the middle of things and gives you the feeling you are really participating in its wild, crazy party.

And this is really all the movie has to it really; its wild and crazy party. And I must say, it's all pretty fun to watch and to see how things slowly but steadily are getting more and more worse and just totally insane. The movie constantly keeps coming up with more crazy stuff throughout, which makes this never a boring watch, or a movie that constantly keeps repeating itself. It helps of course that the movie is a very short one.

Who knows, maybe it would had been a better thing if we actually got to care about, or got to know any of the characters but really, this didn't took anything away from the movie for me. It's just clearly one not to take very seriously (or to try at home) and a movie you should simple take and enjoy for what it is.

Especially teenagers shall really love this movie.


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