Really nothing wrong with a movie taking a more depressing approach but that doesn't simply mean that the movie is automatically a good one as well. You need to have way more than just a depressing atmosphere and style to your movie, in order to turn it into an effective or intriguing enough movie to watch.

Yes, I understand very well that the movie its dark, cold and lonely atmosphere is a reflection of the main character, played by Rachel Weisz, her state of mind but instead of strengthening its emotions or any of its drama, it makes the movie a very slow and seemingly pointless one, that is hard to ever feel involved with, in any way or form.

I just could never care enough about anything that was happening in this movie. This was also mostly because its main characters really isn't all that likable. She cheats on her husband, who had been nothing but good for her, for seemingly very selfish reasons. Besides, she is walking around and looking depressed and unhappy throughout this entire movie. That's nothing great or intriguing to watch, in my opinion and it most certainly did not made me care for her. I just can't think of one simple reason why I should care, or feel for, its main character at all.

Besides, this movie also does a very annoying thing with its storytelling. The way the movie is being buildup and constructed makes it very apparent that nothing good is going to happen for its main character. It's all going to be drama and it's not going to end well for her. I hate it when a drama does that. It's just too forced and apparent for my taste.

It also all feels very typical for a stage-play, which this movie also got based on in fact. Sometimes these sort of stories simply work out better on stage and don't translate too well to the big screen. I think that this movie is a perfect example of that. The story, the characters, the emotions, the dialog, it all doesn't work out too well within this movie.

This movie is really too atmospheric for its own good. It focuses too much on creating a certain atmosphere for its story and characters, rather than focusing on telling a good and intriguing story, with its directing approach and acting.

No, I wasn't even all that fond of the acting. It all felt very fabricated and neither the dialog or characters ever felt real enough. Not that Rachel Weisz is a bad actress of course but not even her skills and talents could make me care for her character or anything that was going on with her. Especially the dialog annoyed me at times. The movie makes an habit out of it to feature conversations about absolutely nothing in it. It makes the movie definitely a bit of a bore, also due to the slow pace, that is constantly present, throughout this entire movie.

A lifeless and pointless movie, about nothing good or interesting, that never gets an involving one to watch.


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