Lets all be honest, the original "Clash of the Titans" was far from a perfect or classic movie but it at least still offered some good entertainment, of a more old fashioned sort. This modern 'update' and remake of the 1981 movie is one huge mess to watch and only entertaining to watch, in some parts.

This is truly one bad constructed movie. The way scenes follow each's all just so incredibly messy and feels totally disjointed. The movie truly never gets to flow well. There seems to be no interest for the story or any development at all and the 'story' is just being used as an excuse to throw in as many different action scenes as possible. Even the most shallow movie goers won't be fooled by this and will be annoyed by it instead, just like basically everybody else will.

I at least expected to be entertained by the movie its action and visuals but because nothing else about this movie really worked out, mostly because they simply didn't even bothered with it, all of its action also fell kind of flat. It occasionally gets a spectacular movie to watch but because you never feel involved with any of its characters and aren't taken by its story at all, since you'll basically have no idea what it is all about, you also don't ever feel any involvement or excitement for any of its action moments. Things just simply and very randomly happen, without making you care for any of it.

Now I admit that this all gets slightly better, as the movie heads toward its end but only just slightly! Still enough for me to give it an extra point but not enough to rate this movie as a good or entertaining enough one.

The moment when the movie started to get better for me, was when they entered Medusa's temple. I thought that scene was great and probably the highlight of the movie. The movie never peaked again after that but it was enough to keep me interested and it kept me watching, till the end.

There is no denying that this is also a good movie to look at, visually. It's obvious a whole lot of money got put into this movie, which makes still still look like a somewhat decent blockbuster. If only there was a better flow to the movie and its story, this might had been a good enough movie still but I now just can't recommend it at all to you.

The special effects are all pretty good but still, it also gives the movie a fake and unreal look, which also makes it hard to ever feel involved with any of the events happening in this movie.

I think that Sam Worthington is not half as bad as some people are trying to make you believe he is. He simply is a good and charismatic enough leading man, for any type of any type of action movie, this one included. But it's not like any of the actors get to do anything good in this movie. Even Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes, who are also in this movie, get very little to do.

Too big of a mess to recommend this movie.


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