There are plenty of other movies out there, set inside of an insane asylum but yet still this movie manges to come across as something special.

It's hard to say what to think about this movie and how to rate it, since it's really doing its own thing. Even though this is 1n 1963 movie, it doesn't in the slightest feels or looks like a 1963 movie. It reminded me more of a good 1940's film, with its atmosphere and approach to its film-making. Of course the fact that the movie is shot in black & white, also adds to this.

It's mostly being a very minimalistic movie with its settings and writing. It's the sort of movie that slowly progresses, which I believe, suited the movie its premise perfectly, as the main character is slowing descending into madness. It's all somewhat predictable to be honest but it still is great to see how it all plays out in the movie.

The movie is all about its atmosphere really. It really succeeds in getting a tense and unusual sense across. The movie is doing still plenty of original stuff with its story, also by inserting a more thriller type of plot line into it. It all basically makes "Shock Corridor" a great watch, though I'll admit that this movie is not just for everybody. It might be a bit too slow and unusual for that at times. But I strongly believe that the vast majority of those who watch this movie will not be disappointed by it.

Well worth checking out, if this movie sounds and seems interesting to you.


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