OK, I admit! This movie was pretty fun to watch at times and it certainly wasn't as bad as I had feared.

At first this seemed to be just another one of those sleazy '60's productions, that involved little money and little clothes for the female characters in it. And while the movie was still being a typical '60's sleazy one, it was a surprising lot of fun as well.

It's a movie that is really aware of itself and what it is trying to be and do. It has no illusions about it that it's is a great movie and the cast luckily also seemed to realize this, so they simply decided to have some fun with it. Everybody was working with a smile on their face it seemed and it must have been really fun to work on this movie, even for the girls, who of course get exploited heavily in this movie.

It's comedy really saves this movie and makes it a more or less watchable. Since otherwise, this movie has very little to offer. I literally had no idea what the story was all supposed to be about but it really didn't mattered at all for this movie.

But even while this is only a 1 hour short movie, it still manages to feel a tat bit overlong and the movie even starts to drag toward its end, when all the gloves are off and the movie decides to go completely crazy. It starts to repeat itself at that point and the movie even becomes too silly for its own good.

However, as far as these type of cheap and simplistic genre movies go, this is definitely one of the more fun ones I have ever seen!


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