No doubt about it, this is one of the most original superhero movies ever made but does it also rank among the best? I don't think so.

A found-footage movie, involving a couple of youngster who gain superhero-like powers. That, in one short sentence, is the best way to describe this movie. This premise alone is already a quite original one, that of course gives the movie a more realistic sense to it as well. And this is all very welcome of course. It adds a whole new, other dimension, to both the found-footage and superhero movie genre.

Basically it's being a very pleasant, little movie, to watch because it's taking a very straightforward approach with things. There are hardly any side-plots and the movie has a very natural flow to it. Besides, they were being pretty creative at times with the use of the camera(s). You might perhaps worry that it's constantly doing the same thing, with also the same camera-angels time in, time out but the movie found a clever way to use multiple different cameras at times and to make the whole movie also more dynamic to watch.

But really, no matter how hard it tries to come across as realistic at times, it just isn't of course. I mean, after all, this is a movie about kids with superpowers. They fly through the air like Superman and smash cars like the Hulk. You could shoot it in a realistic way but it's just never going to look as such, also in this case due to it, that the movie had some pretty poor special effects in it, at certain crucial points, which also took me out of the movie at times.

Another thing that just didn't made the movie all that realistic for me was its acting. The kids in this movie just aren't all that great. At times they sound good and very natural but at others it just sounds far too scripted and they obviously didn't had much big acting experience yet.

Still the whole approach of this movie and how its story and characters progress and develop in a realistic and very straight-forward way, make this movie a real perfectly watchable and certainly also original one.


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