It's not like anything stands out as truly bad in this movie, it's more so that there is simply absolutely nothing happening in it at all.

I can forgive a movie for being bad sometimes, as long as it's entertaining but I can't forgive a movie for being boring and offering me absolutely nothing to enjoy about it.

Blame it all on the writing of course. This movie still had the potential in it to be a fun one but the writers obviously had no idea what to with its premise. As a matter of fact, they had a hard time coming up with anything at all, since the movie for most part is just dragging on and filled with some sequences, that in the long run, serve absolutely no purpose for the movie at all.

It's really not the worst movie with any of its effects or acting. I mean, it even has Roddy McDowall in it, even though the movie itself can't even spell his name right. The effects are even somewhat good and the movie even had a bit of money to spend it on some decent action.

Really not one of the worst movies I have ever seen but it surely is one of the more redundant ones.


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