Really, I'm not just a Michael Haneke gusher, that likes everything he does but when a movie is good it is simply good!

But like basically all Michael Haneke movies, it's not for just everyone. It's really a matter of taste, whether you like this movie or not. It's a movie with a very own approach to its heavy story but as far as Michael Haneke movies go, this one is actually still pretty straightforward with its storytelling. It's always simple to follow and the movie mostly lays out everything for you, so you don't have a lot of blanks to fill in for yourself.

Still the story itself will be a bit too much for some people to handle. It's really about something awful and disgusting but yet I really can't help myself but to be deeply intrigued by this movie.

It's all about the movie its style and the way the story is slowly being told by director Michael Haneke and its actors. It's what makes the movie a great watch, as well as a real intriguing one. The movie and its story probably work out great and intriguing because it is about something unusual and something you are not likely to see being handled often in a movie.

It's a story about extreme sexual repression and what happens when someone finally gets together with someone of the opposite sex. Repulst by love and probably also by herself, a 40-something years old piano teacher uses one of her students, that pursues her, to fulfill her odd sadomasochistic fantasies. But how far is he truly willing to go for her and exactly who controls who? You could say that the movie turns into a sexual thriller, that you can't ever really predict. The events are unpredictable as well as all of the characters. It gives the movie, an almost constantly present feeling, of tension.

It's a real accomplishment, by both cast and crew, that this movie about some odd and ugly things and characters, still remains such a beautiful and engaging movie to watch. It's simply storytelling and filmmaking at its best, though it's obviously not a movie for just everybody.


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