Nothing to see here people. Just another movie in which a bunch of teenagers are getting killed, inside a haunted house. No, the movie already isn't very original to begin with but it also does little good on its own. It has not good horror or gore in it, no good acting, not a good story at all and also totally fails to entertain as a comedy.

Really, I don't get why someone would enjoy watching a movie like this. It's just one more of those cheap sort of productions, that lack in every department and are basically all alike.

It's really a movie that allows lots of random stuff to happen. Most of the horror related stuff happening in this movie doesn't really even make sense in the context of the story. It's just put in for the sake of it and to make this a horror, in which a bunch of annoying teenagers can get to die in.

You would think that the comedy would add to the entertainment value of this movie but in fact it really doesn't, simply because the movie never becomes fun or funny enough. Some more creativity wouldn't had harmed this movie.

No, also horror fans will mostly likely not enjoy this. It doesn't has scares in it really and only features some stuff we all have seen before already and we have seen all done way better as well. So don't expect a movie with scares or any tension in it, or even some decent gore for that matter.

The characters really aren't likable enough to ever care for and it of course does not help much that they are being played by some awful actors. Seriously, it's no coincidence most of the careers. of the actors from this movie, have dried up already. Sure, it still has Brad Dourif in it but you could tell he probably was on the set for about 7 days, collected his paycheck and got out as fast as he could. He is hardly in the movie at all really, even though he plays the main villain of the movie. It's a character that however spends most of the time off screen. That was also a complaint I had about this movie; it didn't really had a good and clearly visible, threat/main villain in it.

No, it's really not the worst modern genre attempt but it still is a pretty bad movie to watch.


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