This is definitely one of the lesser Soderbergh movies that I have seen. But as it turns out; even a lesser Soderbergh is still a perfectly watchable movie.

There were quite a few issues I was having with this movie, while watching it. It picks an original enough spy genre approach, that just isn't a very exciting one however. Seems that it wanted to go for realism but yet the movie is being filmed as a typical action-flick, even while this is definitely not a spectacular or action-filled movie.

But also the story itself is being told in such a messy way that it becomes just too hard to follow. It makes you loose interest in it, pretty early on already. It doesn't help that the movie feels like it isn't going anywhere with its story. It doesn't lay things out clearly for you and you constantly need to pay attention. Nothing wrong with that of course but it just doesn't work out too well for the movie. simply because it's never getting interesting enough. I just couldn't care less about anything that was happening in it, or for any of its characters.

And really, Gina Carano, who plays the lead role, was absolutely horrendous. She just can't act, which totally took me out of the movie. Watching her act with greats such as Michael Douglas, Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender and Antonio Banderas doesn't ever look right. Watching her doing spy stuff doesn't ever look right or convincing. And even watching her fight doesn't look right. It sounds strange, since she is a professional fighter and all but seeing her doing wrestling moves, in a spy movie, just doesn't look right at all and came across as quite ridicules, to me.

Nothing about the movie really impressed me but that doesn't mean it's a bad movie as well. It's still a maintaining enough, little spy thriller, that however in the end is extremely forgettable.


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