Like most other people, I can certainly appreciate a fun, campy B-flick but sometimes things are just too much to handle. This movie makes no attempt at ever trying to be creative or original and it isn't even really trying to be good. It's like the film-makers already gave up on things, before they even started shooting.

This means that the movie allows itself to be as silly as possible and it doesn't worry about any logic or consistency. It's mostly a very random movie, that seems to be thrown together from an one hour brainstorm session, Roger Corman had with his staff.

The lack of true creativity and originality with its story was truly the thing that bothered me the most. It does not only borrow heavily from other movies, it even borrows from itself. The movie is repeating itself numerous times throughout the movie and at times even recycles its own footage. 20 minutes in, the movie is already running out of steam and ideas.

The most random things about this movie are its killings. There is not really any logic to it as to why Dinocroc and Supergator are killing certain people. You would think they are doing it for food but sometimes they are simply crushing people and seem to be wanting to kill as many random people as possible. And I mean some very random people. All these people literally pop up out of nowhere and you know they are only in this movie to get killed. This is not something unusual for a movie to do but this movie does this a bit too often. Not just once or twice but it happens all the time, throughout the entire movie.

But it's not like there is much more logic to the story itself. Once you start thinking about it, all of the characters are making some incredibly stupid choices, that are far from likely to ever happen, in the case a real Dinocroc and Supergator would be on the loose one day.

Still the thing that will caught the most attention is how incredibly bad the movie is looking. The special effects are really shocking and it's the kind of stuff basically everybody could do now days, on any random computer. Dinocroc and Supergator look like they have wandered right out of an old Playstation game and they just never look right whenever they have to interact with the environment or when they are attacking or eating random people. You won't believe how fake and horrible it's all looking!

All of the actors seemed also very well aware of what mess they got themselves into. But really, it's not like they were expecting much good from this movie before they singed up for it. A glance at the title would had been enough for them to know that this wasn't going to be an award worthy movie. They all decide to go over-the-top and still have some fun with it, which was probably the best thing to do but it does take you out of the movie even more. Still David Carradine is trying to make something out of his role and he probably is the most professional thing about this entire movie.

Sometimes bad its just bad. Especially when it's not even really trying.


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