In potential this could had really been an interesting and original movie with its concept but the movie however just never truly becomes that involving or interesting to watch.

The movie is a real original drama, about a woman having to dress up and act as a man, in order to get a job and to eventually become able to fulfill her dreams. And this all being set during the Victorian era, in Ireland. However with all of the directions the movie could had gone for, it picks a not so interesting one, which actually doesn't even make you feel all that involved or that sympathetic for the main character at all.

You never get the sense that the main character MUST dress up as a man, in order to survive, have a job or to reach her goals. They try to give her a motive for it but it didn't worked out too convincing to me. Perhaps it could had still worked, if the main character was more sympathetic but she was a surprisingly bland one.

Most people will most likely praise Glenn Close for her role (she even received an Oscar nomination for it) and say she is great. But is she really? I mean, with all respect, her character throughout the movie is showing very little emotions and is having a blank stare and scared/surprised look on its face, all the time, without ever hardly uttering a word. Most people will only rave because it's a woman playing a man but people should be raving more about its makeup instead. It's the thing that makes Glenn Close look convincing in her role as a man and I mean really convincing!

I however was far more impressed with Janet McTeer and her character and storyline actually seemed far more interesting. Why couldn't the movie had been about her instead? Luckily she also got nominated for an Oscar and probably also has a better chance of winning.

No, it of course is not a horrible movie in any way but it is one that seemed like it wanted to make a better point and bigger impact than it eventually did. In that regard you can't really call the movie a successful one, though it still remains a perfectly watchable enough one.


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