This is a very typical sex comedy, with all sort of sexual jokes and innuendos in it. It really reminded me of the British 'Carry on...' film-series, in terms of its comedy, with as a difference that this movie consists out of 5 short stories and has some better looking women in it.

But it's being just as immature with its comedy basically. Seriously, it's all very childish really and not all that clever with its story and situations. A real simplistic movie, lots of people will still enjoy watching for what it is. Just not me.

Most people will say or perhaps complain that this movie is being sexist toward women because they are the ones who are showing some skin and are being portrayed as lust objects, in this movie. I however feel that this movie is just as sexist toward men, since the movie portrays almost every single male in this movie as sex hungry animal, with only one thing on his mind. I know it's all done in the name of comedy but it's just a bit too stereotypical and simplistic for my taste.

I am not complaining about it though that the movie consists out of 5 short and unrelated stories. I actually think that this was a good move for the movie to take. It ensures that the movie never drags or start to repeat itself with its comedy and situations. Each story is a fresh one, with different characters in it, however most of them really aren't that well written, funny or interesting. I only really liked the story involving Marty Feldman. That guy was truly hilarious, even in Italian. He has comedy written all over him. His story alone is really worth checking out and the only one that ever cracked me up.

A very immature Italian sex comedy, that serves its purpose well enough I guess but just never truly becomes a great, clever, surprising or hilarious movie to watch, except for all the scenes involving Marty Feldman.


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