This is basically a Turkish scene by scene remake of "The Exorcist", so how bad could it be? Well, it also honestly isn't that bad but it of course is a totally pointless remake.

It's always credited as a remake but somehow I doubt this is actually an official one. They were lucky Hollywood did not find out about this movie, or else they would has most likely been sued for it.

It's just made to cash in on the success of the original "The Exorcist", in its native Turkey. Why else would you make and release a remake only one year after the original. And it's not like this movie is offering anything new or original, as compared to the original "The Exorcist". So seriously, I hope the Turkish people at the time were smart enough to catch the American version instead, which is of course also an infinitely better one.

I don't know why anybody should ever want to watch a cheaper and weaker made version of "The Exorcist". And that's basically all this movie is; A really cheap looking one, with some poor effects, weak acting and some bad film-making. Even though it follows the exact same story, this movie yet never manages to become a scary or intriguing one in any way. As a matter of fact, the movie starts to drag and repeat itself pretty early on already and it never succeeds at rising above the level of average.

The approach to the story is just boring and without any good ideas behind it. The directing and cinematography is the same, all the time. Often it starts with a closeup of a person and then zooms out. It becomes so noticeable and annoying after a while. It also just doesn't really manage to get its story of the ground and because of that its pace is also lacking, as is its horror. The movie still does has its moments but that is all simply because it's being based on some great source material, so can you truly give the movie credit for that?

But it does make this movie still a definitely watchable enough one. Those who like trashy, cheap horror flicks should definitely be able to appreciate this movie and seriously, it isn't half as bad as the movie might sound. Sure, it's a bit silly and clumsily done at times but overall the movie still remains a decent enough watch, despite the fact that it's being nothing more than a blatant ripoff, that adds nothing good, new or original on its own.


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