Oh yes, I have said some bad things about Jean Rollin in the past but with this movie he shows he's also capable of creating an actual good movie! It's successful at what its trying to be- and achieve, unlike some of the other movies, I have seen done by him.

What the movie is, is basically some sort of weird sexual fantasy, set in a Victorian like environment and era. Appeartly the movie is supposed to be set at the early 20th century but to me the movie looked like it was taking place in the late 19th century instead. But what do I know, right!

And you could say it's an erotic movie but more one that becomes one through its sexual tension and atmosphere, that is constantly in the air, rather than with its actual nudity or sex scenes. As a matter of fact, there really isn't that much nudity and even less sex in this movie.

It's actually this constant atmosphere that makes this movie such an intriguing watch. It's a beautiful shot movie, that is slowly being told by French genre expert Jean Rollin. It's actually quite amazing this is an 1979 movie. The movie looks far more modern, technically speaking. It's images and atmosphere keep you interested throughout, even when you have no idea what is going on within its story.

It's really a bit of a hard movie to follow with its story, also because it seems that none of the characters are ever saying what they truly mean or want. It's a movie clouded in mystery, which however actually adds well to the overall atmosphere of the movie. It also makes the ending work work out, which came as a bit of a surprising one even.

Definitely a watchable movie within its genre.


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