Sometimes it's hard to tell if a movie is simply just bad or if it's deliberately being bad and silly and very self-aware. I think that in this case the movie knew what it was doing. It knew it was going to be bad, so it simply decided to go and have some fun with it while they were at it. And I must say it really paid off. As bad and silly as this movie gets at times, it remains a perfectly fun and entertaining watch.

It's listed as an horror but it could so easily be seen as a comedy as well. It goes over-the-top with its action, horror as well as its acting. It's therefore already quite hard to take this movie very serious in the first place.

But it's not like the concept is making the movie any more believable. Killer slugs...that does not sound like the most scary or credible movie 'monsters', now does it. And of course they aren't but it does provide the movie with some excuses to come up with plenty of creative killings, that also are extremely gory at times.

Never knew your head could blow up, once you swallowed a slug but according to this movie that is the case. It should tell you something about the stuff this movie comes up with at times and how incredibly random, over-the-top and just plain silly things can get at times. And yes, also gory, although it's still not exactly remotely the most gory genre movie I have ever. The movie does has a couple of good moments but it seems to got restrained by their budget to go truly all out.

It was an American/Spanish co-production, which already is quite an odd thing on its own. It also means that the movie is filled with plenty of Spanish actors, who either got dubbed or are speaking English with a very thick accent.

So the acting is also most definitely not the most impressive thing about this movie but so aren't its characters. It's a bit disappointing that the movie is not really having a good main character in it. The movie is focusing on far too many characters, that too often don't even add anything to the story at all. They are just in it to get killed or nude at one point, or a combination of these two things.

As far as, deliberately bad or not, horror movies go, this one really isn't that bad. I at least had plenty of fun with it!


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