What a big difference with the previous movie "The Swinging Cheerleaders", that was totally lacking in fun. At least I still could have a good time with this movie, though it obviously is far from a great one.

Actually, I could had forgiven this movie a lot, if it was more like its first half. In its first half the movie is basically being some mindless fun, in which there hardly is any story present at all. In its second half it suddenly is more about a silly evil plot, that was even just too dumb and silly to even understand. It never worked out and I was never interested in it. It really wasn't necessary for the movie at all.

But perhaps on the other hand you really shouldn't be paying that much attention to this. Since when you really start analyzing this movie seriously, for how it's written and structured, there is so much wrong with it. This is not a well made movie by any means but at least you could tell that the film-makers were still having a lot of fun with it, which pays off in the end eventually.

You could very easily just take and like the movie for what it is. As far as these sort of sleazy, sexploitation flicks go, this one is definitely one of the more fun ones out there, especially for its first half.

Yes, it's still a sexploitation flick, just not a very extreme or explicit one. There is just some nudity but nothing that the average viewer couldn't handle. As far as portraying cheerleaders as sexual objects in this movie, it's very tame all and seems to hold back on it, especially when compared to the first movie "The Cheerleaders".

But this movie is perhaps still mostly known and notorious for having David Hasselhoff, in his very first movie role, playing a character named Boner. It's not hard to recognize him, since he already seemed to have the same haircut and he also stands out because he seemed to be the tallest cast member. He isn't playing a big role though and he only gets to sniff a girl's underwear and shows some of his dancing moves but it was more than enough really. And what was with all the dancing anyway? Seriously, I have seen musical with far less dancing in it.

Simply a movie you could watch to have some mindless, silly fun with!


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