Being not the biggest fan of the Return of the Living Dead-series, I of course did not have high hopes for this one. But as it turned out, this movie was not all that bad. Its change of settings and approach to the concept work refreshing and more entertaining than was the case in the first two movies but at the same time it still doesn't succeed in becoming a good movie as well.

I honestly quite liked the movie for its first part. It was silly but it was entertaining nonetheless. Contrary to the first sequel, this movie wasn't just a simple rehash of the first "The Return of the Living Dead" movie, that has now become a sort of a cult-classic. This movie is actually having some new ideas in it, which is the foremost reason why I still rank it a bit higher than the first sequel "Return of the Living Dead Part II".

But no, as it turns out in the end, this movie is also only just half good itself. And quite literally really. I often have this problem with Brian Yuzna movies. It's as if he's saying half way through; well, I gave you a good first half. I gave you a story, I gave you characters. Now it's time to let things go crazy and let me do my own thing! It's as if the movie is giving up half way through, or as if they ran out of its script and ideas to work with. The last 30 minutes or so of the movie are just too silly and seem out of place with the rest of the movie. I honestly would had preferred it if the movie had just ended after 1 hour and the last 30 minutes never existed.

I have yet to see a Brian Yuzna that I like completely. He's a director that often comes in to a horror-series after it's already an established name and brand. He did this most notably with the Re-Animator-series.

On a more positive note about this movie; I quite liked its effects. It was over-the-top but quite nice and gruesome looking. There maybe is not as enough gore and blood as you would expect but when the movie does go gory, it does it rather well.

Not really a movie worth recommending but then again, this is how I feel about every Return of the Living Dead movie made.


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