In short; there really is no reason why you should ever watch this movie. It's cheap, simple, cheesy but above all things really not much good to watch.

I'm not expecting much from these sort of cheap '80's horror flicks but I at least expect to be somewhat entertained by them and hoping for maybe some good original or gory horror moments. But this movie doesn't really provide any entertainment or any real good and original killings, which makes this basically a very pointless watch.

No, I'm not even exaggerating when I'm saying that there isn't really anything happening in its first hour, expect for its promising enough opening. After it's pretty decent opening the movie starts to slow down real fast and the first killing doesn't occur till an hour in or so, when the movie is almost over already.

And as far as the killings go; they seemed pretty gory, if only the movie would show any of them. It often cuts- or just turns away, so basically all you'll be seeing is a bunch of fake looking blood dripping down death people's bodies. Again, the movie could had really distinctive itself, or at least had made itself somewhat more interesting or entertaining if it had some decent killings in it, which just isn't the case unfortunately.

So first the movie bores you to death and after that it teases you with what could had been some good, gory killings and horror.

Obviously as far as slashers go, even bad, cheap, cheesy, '80's ones, this really isn't the best and most recommendable one to watch.


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