For me it's also a sign that a movie series is declining when it's placing itself at a new and totally different venue, such as in space, on a school, or as in this case on a military academy.

OK, so this is not the worst genre ever made but it is the one in which the Child's Play-series started to turn silly. Chucky suddenly is more busy delivering puns than killing people and the movie is definitely paying less attention to its horror elements, especially when compared to the first two movies. You therefore also really shouldn't watch this movie expecting a lot of tension, scares, gore or other typical horror elements.

But that's not necessarily a complaint of course. I mean, if the movie is fun to watch then it shouldn't really have mattered that the movie isn't much great as an horror. But the movie just isn't all that fun or great to watch, since it's such a simple written one, in which the story doesn't even make sense in the first place.

I don't get it. It's already established early on in the movie that Chucky doesn't need Andy anymore to regain an human form but yet he keeps going after him. Why go through all the trouble Chuck? I though it was also weird that he picked a new kid for his soul to transfer to, while in the first movie he was complaining about it that he had to transfer his soul into little Andy if he ever wanted to be human again. He now had the chance to literally pick anybody he wanted but instead he went for a stupid (literally, this kid is just stupid), whiny little kid again. What's the deal with that?

There really is no reason for Andy to be in this movie again. Guess they thought it would help the series forward by featuring an 16-year old Andy this time but they should have known that the series was never about its human characters but the good guy doll Chucky instead. It also never feels like this is the same Andy as from the first two movies. In this movie, 8 years had passed since the last encounter with Chucky, so Andy had grown and looked and acted nothing like the little kid that he once was. It of course also doesn't help that he is being played by a completely different actor this time. No, it was a bad and totally unnecessary move to have Andy in this movie again. I imaging it was probably due to it that the movie went through numerous re-writes, which really messed things up.

It feels like such an uninspired movie, as if they weren't even trying to come up with something good or original, as long as it would be making some money. It's not an horrible movie but I can totally understand why this is a much hated movie, by especially the fans of the Child's Play-series.

It's a sequel you can easily skip on.


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