The entire premise of the Child's Play-series was a ridicules one to begin with, so I really don't mind the series also taking a more silly approach with the later movies. However silly doesn't simply equal good or fun as well unfortunately.

I always thought that "Bride of Chucky" would be a fun one to watch. And I did had some fun with it but the movie is still being brought down by a bad story and approach to it.

So the movie is more a comedy than anything else really this time but did that really had to mean that they needed to get rid of all the horror elements as well? I can't even call this one a slasher this time really, since Chucky really isn't on a killing rampage this time. I don't even know what he was doing in this movie. I mean, what was his motivation this time? It didn't seem like he was very busy trying to get his soul out of the good guy doll and same goes for the Jennifer Tilly character, who also got transfered into a doll and is the 'bride of Chucky' in this one.

And then there are the Katherine Heigl and Nick Stabile characters as well. Where they really needed for this movie? Couldn't they come up with a better idea or story for them? I seriously can say that I would had probably liked this movie better, hadn't they been in it at all. It would had caused less distraction and perhaps would had allowed Chucky and his new bride do some more evil and gruesome stuff.

I'm not really sure what they were thinking. Seems to me they had no idea how to find or create a good balance between comedy and horror elements and therefore went for purely mostly just comedy instead. I still wouldn't had minded this if the movie did actually had a fun and clever story in it but as it turns out, the movie starts to run out of steam pretty fast, after a promising enough first 20 minutes or so. And I also still really liked the last 10 seconds of the movie. I won't spoil it but all I can say is that's the most awesome Child's Play movie ending I have seen, even though it pretty much came out of nowhere.

It also remains awesome that Brad Dourif keeps coming back to do the voice of Chucky. You would think that it really doesn't matter much, since he's only just doing his voice but it makes all the difference in the world really. His voice is perfectly evil and insane and I especially also really like his evil laugh.

Can't say that the effects have improved really much. Seems like the animatronic effects for the Chucky doll really haven't improved that much, ever since the first 1988 movie. Don't get me wrong, it looks pretty good all but it's not exactly the most convincing looking thing ever.

Another disappointing sequel unfortunately, while I still really had good faith in the movie, before I started watching.


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