Does this movie even has anything to do with the first one? Well, not really. Franka Potente is in it again but her role is no more than a small cameo. The movie itself follows different characters and a totally different story this time, which is actually a positive thing, until its last third came along.

I was actually very pleased with the movie at first and thought it was a much better movie than the first one. Thing that it did way better was that it wasn't trying to be an horror movie this time but instead went with a more thriller and even science-fiction type of approach. It suited the concept, story and atmosphere of the movie well and it made it way more pleasant to watch and follow, compared to the first movie.

So what went wrong? It actually was the final third of the movie that almost completely ruined the movie for me. The movie suddenly started to take such a ridicules approach with its story that I suddenly felt detached from anything to was happening in the story and from all of its characters. I won't say that it ruined the movie completely but it did ruin a lot for me.

Another thing that the movie did not handled very well was its main character. Problem I had with him was that in the first half of the movie or so he was still involved with the 'bad guys' and kept working with them, even though as a viewer you of course already know that these are the 'bad guys' and no good will come from their experiments. Thing is, he stayed involved- and friendly with them for far too long, so when he finally starts to turn his back on them and fight back, it feels a bit forced and somewhat unlikely even. It doesn't even really make sense once you start thinking about it. He could had so easily gone to the police or some of his superiors at the hospital and all of the mayhem would had stopped immediately. Instead he puts his own life and that of others on the line, to put a halt to things.

It's so disappointing, since the movie was well on its way to become a way better movie than its predecessor and a pretty good movie of its own. Now I really wouldn't rate it much better than the first one and I'm glad there isn't a third movie (yet).


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