So basically, this movie is very bad! It's one cheap looking '70's Spanish attempt at the horror genre, in the same style as an Italian genre flick, from the same time period. It also means that the movie is probably more of a thriller/mystery than an horror really but quite frankly, who cares! It doesn't make the movie any better or more interesting to watch.

And that's the movie its biggest problem; it just never becomes a good or interesting one to watch, with the exception of its last half hour maybe. But it's all far too late into this movie to safe it and consider it a recommendable one in any way. Guess that the only persons who will get some enjoyment out of this movie still, are the Eurotrash horror lovers. So people who like cheap looking, clumsily made flicks, with some naked girls in it.

And that's also exactly how I took this movie, which is also the reason why I didn't rated it as poorly as you might expect. Within its genre it's just one of those typical movies, that really isn't any better or worse than the average genre attempt.

Most people will probably still hate this movie way more than I did. This is also really due to the fact that there isn't a lot happening in its first hour and the movie mostly consists out of people staring or standing mysteriously in the corner somewhere. It's so ridicules and it also really gets annoying after a while.

The story in its core and essence definitely had some potential in it but the director had clearly no idea how to handle it all and turn it into a good or interesting movie. Perhaps it's not fair to put all of the blame on the director though. I mean, the movie obviously didn't had an awful lot of peseta's to spend and neither the rest of the crew and its cast really had the talent to lift this movie to greater heights.

All in all, really not a movie worth searching out.


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