The foremost reason why people seem to like this movie is because it's weird. But weird or unusual of course doesn't always also equal good. And thrust me, I have seen plenty of weird stuff, also from Japan, in my life, so I think I know what I'm talking about. And no, this movie just wasn't all that good to watch.

The problem I had with the movie was that I just never really was entertained by it. It's an horror comedy but neither the horror or comedy really impressed me. As a matter of fact, you could hardly call this an horror at all. It only features some ghosts walking around but as it turns out, this doesn't even play an all that central role in the movie.

Also the comedy just wasn't anything that clever or original and instead too often come across as lame and very simplistic instead.

Elements such as nudity, rape, incest, violence gore, are all very much present throughout the movie. Yes, it has all the elements of an exploitation flick, it just isn't a very good one. It all feels very forced and very obviously wanted deliberately to gross out its viewers, by becoming as extreme and weird as possible. Most of the stuff really doesn't make any sense in the context of the story, which as a whole also makes this quite a redundant watch.

Because of all these many different elements, the movie also never flows very well. It doesn't really has a pleasant pace to it, though it's quite hard to tell if this is due to the directing approach, or simply just the script of the movie. I tend to think it's the script, that was just far too lacking in real originality and good creativity.

No Sir, I did not really liked this movie. I never had any fun with it and would even call it quite a pointless watch, so ye be warned!


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