This is the first (and probably only) Nick Zedd movie I have ever seen but I can already tell what kind of a director he is. He's one that deliberately attempts to make his movies look bad and even cheaper than they already were in fact to make. He does this by using cardboard sets, that deliberately look all the more like cheap cardboard sets, bad editing, old camera's, over-lighting and a bad script, with bad visuals and actors in it.

It's the sort of movie that tries to be a sort of a throwback to the '50's B-monster and science-fiction genre. I could recognize about everything that the movie tried to do but yet I still really couldn't appreciate it all that much. Why? Well, you could better ask that question to the film-makers.

I really don't see the point of this movie. It's a 'modern' movie, that deliberately wants to look bad, cheap and utterly silly. But why? What's the point of it all it it doesn't make the movie a good or entertaining one to watch. This is really the biggest complaint I have about this movie. I can enjoy watching a bad and silly B-movie from the '50's but I really couldn't enjoy watching this movie. The movie is too busy trying to be silly and forgets to ever become a fun one as well. It makes this ultimately such a pointless watch, that besides feels more like a torment instead.

Just its title alone makes it apparent what kind of movie this is. The title looks as if it's the most crazy one they could come up with during a short brainstorm session. 'We should name our movie Geek Maggot. Bigno! Or perhaps The Freak. From Suckweasel Mountain?' It's title makes absolutely no sense though in the context of the movie and has actually nothing to do with the movie at all. It simply wants to come across as as silly as possible, as does the entire movie.

Really, I wanted to appreciate and like this movie, since I recognized all of tricks Nick Zedd used to make the movie look and feel like a low-budget, Z-grade, monster/science-fiction flick and I also really sort of liked its cheap visuals and unusual directing approach but about half way through I really had to give up on it all. It just started to drag on and on, without being about anything really and the story actually got worse as it neared its end. And like I said, the movie still could had been somewhat saved if it actually was a fun one to watch. But there is really hardly entertainment to be found in this odd production, which still remains the movie its biggest miss.

An unusual and odd little movie that I wish I could recommend, since it's definitely something unique but I just can't find any good reasons to do so.


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