Call me crazy but I totally prefer this movie over the original. It's a better constructed movie, with a better build-up to it, more slasher ingredients and a more insane and evil Chucky.

Of course it's not a perfect movie and it isn't even all that great as an horror but I really enjoyed watching it. The concept of having a killer doll is of course a ridicules one but the movie makes great use of it. It does so by making Chucky this time even more evil and there are quite a lot of kills in this movie. And some pretty good ones as well, which is not something I could say about the first and original "Child's Play" movie, made 2 years earlier. In that regard this movie already works better as a slasher and horror movie than the first one ever did.

But I also thought the story was way better this time, which caused the movie to flow better and more naturally. All of the kills and horror were pretty much forced into the first movie but in this movie it feels far more like it's a part of the story. No, it's not a brilliantly written story or even a very original one, it just simply allows the movie its pace and build-up to work out quite good and pleasantly.

Another thing that really surprised me was its musical score. I don't even remember the first movie having a musical score at all but in this one it's pretty notable. Graeme Revell did a great job with it and it truly helps to make some of the movie its moments to stand out.

One of the things that wasn't as good as in the first movie though was its acting. It stars the same young boy played by Alex Vincent again but in the first movie I was quite impressed with his performance, while in this one he's quite horrible to be honest. He never shows any emotions and pretty much has the same look on his face, throughout the entire movie. It doesn't matter if he's playing scared, sad, happy. or neutral. I don't know how this happened but perhaps it was because this movie got done by a different director. Maybe John Lafia just couldn't direct kids as well as Tom Holland.

But overall I can see myself watching this movie over and over again, while I probably won't ever see the first movie again, any time soon.


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