Out of all the 'classic' horror series, Child's Play is the only one I still need to watch completely. It took me years but finally I started with it. What took me so long? Well, because Chucky used to freak me out as a little kid when I saw ads for it on TV!

But no, of course it's far from a true scary movie really. The one thing that this movie has going for it is its originality but in all truth and honesty, that's more than enough for a movie of this sort.

Having a child-sized doll as your killer is obviously a quite unique and original premise. And it actually works well. Having a doll as the killer prevents this movie from falling into the usual genre clich├ęs and makes the movie more original than not with all of its horror/slasher moments. Besides, the effects for Chucky are all convincing looking, so it actually looks like it's a real doll going berserk and goes on a killing spree, after a serial killer transfered his soul into the doll, right before he died. Not hard to see why he has become an horror icon over the years.

And of course who better to play a maniac killer than Brad Dourif. Granted that he only is in the movie for a couple of minutes but he also provided the voice for the Chucky doll, or good boy doll, like he's officially called. The Child's Play series actually gave him lots of fame, even though he's only providing the voice of Chucky in the rest of the series.

I would had probably still preferred it if the movie went along with its original idea of letting you in doubt whether or not the Chucky actually truly came to life or if perhaps it was the little kid who committed all of the murders. It would had given the movie an extra dimension, horror-wise but the went for the more straight-forward and perhaps also more safe road instead. Yes, it makes the movie quite simplistic but luckily it still of course has its originality going for it, which really makes this movie an above average genre attempt.

I think that the movie works better as entertainment than horror really but I don't necessarily see this as a bad thing. It means that you can have fun watching this movie but you're better off watching a different one if you're in the mood for a good scary- or gory slasher.

It still remains one of the more original movies within its genre.


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