And yet again here is a movie that everybody seems to love but I just couldn't care less about. I appreciate it for its originality and the way it got shot and done but other than that I got nothing out of this movie at all.

It's supposed to be a fake documentary, or rather said mockumentary, in which a camera-crew follows the everyday and normal life and work of a serial killer. I'll admit, this premise sounds quite awesome and potentially interesting but the movie doesn't take a too good approach on it.

Perhaps I would had liked it better if this movie indeed was a realistic looking and feeling one but the situations, events, characters and all of their responses to things are so over-the-top and ridicules that you can't take this movie ever serious as a realistic one. Therefore I also really had no feelings toward this movie at all and couldn't care less for any of its characters or message it tried to send out.

And that brings me to the message of the movie. I really have still no idea what the film-makers were trying to tell exactly. What was the point of this movie? Guess it tries to make a point about violence and how we consider it to be almost normal in this present time but even if the movie tried to make a point about this, it did a poor job at it.

There are similar sort of movies that do a far better job at this and besides give us a better look into the life and mind of a serial killer. I'm talking about movies such as "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" and "Schramm".

Still I really couldn't hate this movie, since I surely still appreciate it for its originality and style. It's shot documentary style and in black & white, which makes the movie visually still a great experience. Guess it also helps that the movie had many different directors involved behind the cameras, so that the movie feels different in style and tone at times.

It's being quite straightforward with its violence, which is one of the reasons why some people consider this movie to be a very shocking or even disturbing one. But again, a problem I had with all of its violence and graphic stuff was that it all felt so over-the-top and far from realistic. And also, I just didn't see the point of it all, in the context of the movie its story and message that it tried to send out.

Seems that this is case of you'll either love or hate this movie. And even though I could still appreciate the movie in some ways, I'll guess you'll have to put me on the hate side.


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