In all honesty, this movie had all of the ingredients in it to be a good and original genre movie and perhaps even a cult-classic but yet ultimately the movie just isn't.

It's as if this movie is one big, long, anti-drugs ad, by showing what using drugs can do to you, even when you did this only maybe just once, as long as 10 years ago. But still, the movie its concept remains its strongest point. It's something original, that also really could had worked well, if only the movie got done by a bit more talented people involved, behind the camera's especially.

It just isn't a very well made film, or rather said it's lacking in about every way imaginable. The story isn't flowing well because the pacing is a bit off at times and the movie doesn't really succeed in building up its tension properly. The mystery elements and some of the more standard horror elements of its time also get poorly handled, which causes the movie to be a bit too much of an ineffective one. It's such a shame, since this movie obviously had so much more potential in it, judging on its premise and some of the ideas that the movie showed had in it.

But another reason why I think the movie doesn't always work out too well is because of its main character, who got played by Zalman King. He has got a good distinctive look to him but zero charisma. He's such a boring guy, who besides doesn't even speak all that much throughout the movie. Why is the main 'hero'? And why should we really care about this person in the first place? At the start of the movie it doesn't even become apparent that this guy is going to be the movie it's main character. He's just a person sitting in the background and he should had stayed there really.

It's not like this movie is bad and disappointing because it's a B-type of movie. On the contrary really. The movie is quite unique with both its story and style but unfortunately the style just isn't much good. It's not cheap but just very bland looking all. I don't know, perhaps the film-makers were trying to go for a more realistic approach to the genre but it just never really paid off.

I don't want to bash this movie too hard, since I still overall enjoyed it for what it was, it's just so that the movie so obviously could had been a so much better and more effective one, with just a few minor changes to it. Best thing would had been a different director. Jeff Lieberman directed the movie in even perhaps a boring kind of way, that made the movie too often feel like an ineffective one.


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