Every horror fan should feel excited at the very least when they read the premise of this movie. It's something that seems fit for a "Saw" movie or an Eli Roth movie perhaps. It makes it all the more a shame that the film-makers seemed oblivious for the great material they were granted to work with. They all too obviously were not at ease within the horror genre and basically had no idea what they were doing.

Not to make it sounds like the worst horror movie of all time but it's just such a shame to see how they waste all potential, by taking a completely wrong and stupid approach to its story.

Problem is that this an horror movie, that has not idea how to handle or build up its tension or mystery. Or rather said; it doesn't seem to care about its mystery or tension at all. It's more busy with the soap series like developments and problems of the characters, that are more drama related than anything else really. I don't even think you could call this a thriller, since there is complete lack of the right required type of build-up.

It causes you not to be grabbed by any of the movie its tension or mystery, which in return also makes you less interested in the overall movie and all of its characters. Another strange thing is that the main character, played by Franka Potente, disappears for too long out of the story a couple of times throughout the movie. All things that show how poorly told this movie is and how lacking its approach by director Stefan Ruzowitzky is.

Of course the movie is not without its gore and it also has a pretty good atmosphere but the rest of the movie really brings it all down. As a genre lover I really wouldn't recommend this movie, despite its great (sounding) concept.

If you are still looking for a movie to watch on Halloween...this is not the one.


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