They weren't kidding around with its title! There really is a big war going on in this movie and it perhaps is the only movie of its sort and time period that actually does feel and look like a big budget production.

But that really isn't the only thing that makes this movie unique really. One thing that obviously comes to your attention is the fact that this is a color production. Not only only unique for its time but also really for its genre. And I must say it also adds a lot to this movie, especially during all of the battle sequences, in which the aliens attack, with all of their bright lasers.

But yes, there is way more that makes this movie unique in its sort. Normally these type of movies, made during the '50's, could more or less also been seen as (deliberatly or not) cold war propaganda productions, in which the Americans showed off their muscle power and always prevailed thanks to their superior military powers. In this movie that really isn't the case. As a matter of fact; the military doesn't stand a change at all in this movie, against the superior and more advanced Martians. It more is a movie of science versus the aliens, instead of the American army versus the aliens.

So that also makes this a movie that quite often puts its emphasis on its science, rather than its fiction. It makes this also a movie with some more depth and heart to it, which all adds to the fact that this movie works out as quite original within its genre and also remains such a perfectly watchable one now days. It doesn't feel half as outdated as some of its fellow genre films, from the '50's.

But don't worry. This movie isn't all talking about science, it also is one with plenty of action in it. I love it how the aliens are basically acting like normally the American military does in these type of movies; shoot first, ask questions later. Really, these guys (or gals) have no intention what so ever to become friendly with us. There are here for one reason and one reason only; to launch a war against humanity. It never becomes clear why or what they want from us but I actually quite like it that they didn't come up with an explanation for any of it. We don't every fully get to see the aliens themselves. It actually makes the aliens and their machines more menacing, also since you known that they can't be stopped and they also won't stop for anything, until every city is destroyed and every human lies death. Not just in the U.S. of A but all over the world, hence the title "The War of the Worlds".

Also all of the special effects are all quite impressive, especially when you take into consideration that this is an 1953 movie. It's basically a great mixture or convincing practical effects and later added special effects. It also all adds to the mayhem of the war that is going on in this movie.

The acting was also surprising good. Normally these type of movies really don't pay much attention to its acting and actors but Byron Haskin works different as a director luckily. Perhaps it's all due to the fact that Byron Haskin in fact had never directed a science-fiction movie before and had worked on mostly westerns and dramas previously, which normally required more acting in them.

It still remains a great and impressive movie to watch!


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