OK, so this movie ain't no "Blazing Saddles" but it also isn't trying to be. And how could they? Since "Blazing Saddles" got made 5 years after this movie. But yet of course every western comedy is going to be compared to "Blazing Saddles", simply because it's THE ultimate western comedy of all time. This movie however is good as a comedy western in its totally different, own kind of way. It has a more subtle comedy approach, even though it's still being filled with plenty of silly moments in it.

It actually is a very simplistic movie. It has such a simplistic and predictable story in it, as if they didn't even tried to come up with a good, original story. But none of this matters really, since it's a movie that is all about its fun. It's such an entertaining and lighthearted movie to watch, that you're totally willing to forgive any of the movie its weaknesses and inconsistencies.

It's also all because it's such a skillfully made movie. Despite it being a comedy, lots of money and effort was put into it, so that the movie looks and feels like an actual western from the late '60's/'70's.

Also the acting is real topnotch. James Garner of course already had lots of western and comedy experience, prior to this movie, so he is obviously very at ease within this movie and feels comfortable and confident in his role, as new town sheriff, who has to deal with a not too bright outlaw family. Also the still very young looking Bruce Dern plays in the movie, in a good but foremost fun role, as does Walter Brennan, who is perhaps one of the most iconic western actors, from the earlier days of the genre. Lots of great and well known western actors appear in this movie, though most of them probably won't be recognized by anybody now days.

Even though the movie doesn't has a too impressive story, most of its comedy still comes from its writing. There are lots of word jokes in the movie and lots of sexual innuendo hidden throughout, which works out all wonderfully, mostly also because all of the actors deliver their lines with a very straight face.

Simply a joy to watch!


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