This movie was actually quite a surprise. I had liked Jacques Demy movies in the past so I had no doubt about it that I would like this movie as well but what I didn't expected was that this was an actual musical. Something that Jacques Demy had never done before.

And not just any musical; this movie has only sung dialog in it. It's a non-stop musical, in which even everyday lines like 'hello' and 'is the tea ready' get sung. This was something i really had to get used to and to be frank, I also didn't really liked watching the movie at first and probably also wouldn't had liked it by the end (at least not as much as everyone else seems to), were it not for its story.

Of course it has a sweet romantic story in it but what I especially like about it is that it really isn't a standard formulaic one. Even though the movie looks very bright and cheerful, the story is actually quite dramatic and also doesn't progresses in a way that you would expect from a romantic musical. You expect the two main characters to remain together, no matter what all of the obstacles are and what people opposing them throw in their way. But the movie really doesn't pick a standard approach and also lets its characters do some unexpected things, which all really makes this movie original and also really unique of its sort.

Once you really start thinking about it and start analyzing the movie you'll notice how big the contrast actually is between the movie its look and atmosphere and its actual story. But somehow these two completely opposing things strengthen each other and make the movie work on all kinds of different levels. It works as a charming and happy, harmless movie, as well as a more dramatic and heartfelt one.

But it remain mostly the visuals of the movie that stick with people. It's an incredibly bright movie, using deliberately bright colors for mostly the movie its backgrounds. And yes, the movie is visually impressive to look at and features some nice camera-work as well. It just only seems to make people forget what a great story "Les parapluies de Cherbourg" actually does has in it.

Just sit through it, even if you don't like it at first. Chances are you really end up loving it by the end!


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