There are plenty of people around that can enjoy a slow-paced western but this just isn't my thing! People sitting and talking a lot just isn't my idea of a good western. However I can still appreciate the movie for what it is and the way the movie is made and the very human side of the story.

I only wished that the movie would had grabbed me from the very start. I really wasn't into this movie, till its last 30 minutes or so. The start of the movie is basically very slow with its buildup of the story and setup of the characters. It just wasn't very interesting to watch, which caused me not to get drawn into the movie and its story or felt anything for any of its characters.

The last part of the movie is so much better and far more involving and intriguing. It's when finally the good drama starts to kick in and the movie starts to concentrate on the moral conflicts of the characters and their human sides. No, this really isn't a western John Wayne and John Ford would had liked, since it shows the characters as real humans, with all of their fears, emotions and weaknesses. A more realistic western you could say but still not without some of the usual clich├ęs and gun fights.

I'm actually really fond of Martin Ritt as a director and he has made some truly underrated and forgotten movies throughout his career. I however just can't regard this movie as one of his finest. Not that the movie is bad in any way but I still wouldn't really recommend it to anyone, unless you are really into westerns.

It was nice to see Paul Newman playing a tough western roles and also see him pull it off. Even as an Indian he is convincing. He was a bit mumbling too much at times, in order to come across as more tough but overall I think Paul Newman was actually really suited for the western genre, with his looks and style of acting. He also played in a few but he is mostly known for his roles in other movies. It was also fun to see Fredric March in this, who was a big star from the early days of film-making and winner of two Academy Awards.

It's definitely very watchable but just not my idea of a great movie, that I will ever want to watch again.


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