It's funny how the movie does nothing really bad but at the same time it also really isn't being a great or effective movie within its genre.

Guess it's all because the movie isn't really being tense enough. Like I said, it does really not a whole lot wrong and I think it actually was a very deliberate choice to not make this movie a standard, formulaic horror flick. It instead went for the more intelligent approach, which however doesn't make this movie a very interesting watch though. It works for the mystery but a bit too well, you could say. You really have no real idea what is going on in this movie and the viewers are left in the dark for too long, without giving them really anything. This really doesn't make this the most interesting or spectacular genre movie to watch. It only builds up to its finale, in which everything falls together and gets explained. This however means that you first have to endure watching this movie for 90 minutes, or so, without getting an awful lot out of it.

I just wasn't too impressed with the entire way the story before that point progressed. It progressed in a very uninteresting way, without any well build up tension and mystery to it.

And I for one would had preferred it if this movie would had taken a bit of a more standard horror approach at times. It really would had added much more to the movie its tension and atmosphere. Some more killings and scary moments or gore could had already been enough for this. I'm not too sure about it that the movie now will make lots of horror-fans happy.

Still it seems like the movie is popular and also was a success at the time, at least in South Korea, since the movie has so far already 4 sequels. I'm still going to watch those but I'm just not expecting too much from them, after having seen this movie.


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