Of course not much was to be expected of this movie but it had a promising enough premise to make me think this would be a somewhat decent movie to watch. But no, the movie as it turns out is a very uneven and even messy one at times.

You would think that hypnotism would play a big part in this movie and would evolve around it. But no, it's just a detective movie and mystery, in which Goran Visnjic's hypnotic skills don't even seem to be all that relevant. As a matter of fact, the movie takes a more supernatural approach, so even the scene's that do involve hypnotism have basically very little to do with real hypnotism. No, you really can't call this movie a realistic or convincing one.

But what is way worse is that it isn't being a consistent one. The story jumps all over the place and takes way too many different directions. First you think it is going to be a movie about a hypnotist and his patient. Then it makes you believe that it's going to be all about a little girl who got abducted and by the end it suddenly turns into a super natural thriller. This movie really wanted to do way too much, while the story itself had far too little to offer.

The movie isn't very original in any way and all the stuff that is in it you probably have seen somewhere else before and done way better or more creatively.

The movie also doesn't ever really seem to really take off. I just never really got into it because the movie was lacking a good build up. Because of this also all of the tension and mystery of the movie falls incredibly short. This is also because the movie, for at least its first half, is lacking any danger. There is no visible villain and our main character isn't really threatened in any way. Besides the entire mystery that needs to get resolved remains too vague all throughout to really care about any of it.

It's too bad, I have always wanted Goran Visnjic to breakthrough as a real leading man for movies but roles in productions like this really don't help his career much. It's just a very bland, uninteresting and uneven movie, that also seems to be far too over-Hollywoodized for a British BBC production, which this movie is.


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