Just like its predecessor, this movie is perfectly entertaining and fun to watch for the entire family. It's a clean, humorous and adventurous movie that of course by no means is a great one though.

You really shouldn't over-analyze this movie, since it's so heavily flawed, especially with its story. It's just a movie you have to enjoy and appreciate for what is is. It has plenty of entertainment value to it, with all of its characters and it's great looking moments.

Thing that this movie has really going for is its budget. Because of its budget the movie can afford to look really impressive, with all of its extensive special effects, that bring all of the museum pieces to life. No, the effects are definitely not perfect looking but for a movie of this sort it's all still quite impressive.

I really like the concept of this movie. It basically just uses the same concept out of the first movie and doesn't change much but if it ain't broke, don't fix it, they must have thought. And I have to say that I can agree on that. The concept of having all kinds of museum pieces coming to life at night works out just great and entertaining, even the second time around. What's especially so great and likable about it, is that they also bring some historical character to life through this concept. I actually think this is a great way for children to learn- and get them interested in history, without making them feel like they are sitting a classroom or reading an history book and without having to drag them against their own will to a real museum. It's the main reason why I also wouldn't mind seeing a third movie, since there are still plenty of historical characters to explore.

Most of the familiar characters from the first movie return in this movie but of course there is also left plenty of room for new ones. It has some entertaining new characters in it, as well as some good villains and a new love interest, played by Amy Adams.

Ben Stiller really restrains himself within his role and actually plays the role more serious instead of comical. It makes him more likable and easier to identify with, as a character, who gets caught up in the middle of all sorts of weird situations. It also makes this movie bearable to those who aren't too big of a fan of Ben Stiller as a comedic actor.

Nothing wrong with this movie as good, simple, clean, family entertainment.


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