This movie is dedicated to Max Ophüls but the actual movie itself feels more like a Fellini. It's kind of like a random slice of life and the style of film-making is focused toward its storytelling, rather than its technical aspects.

The movie its look actually feels kind of guerrilla-style like, as if some sequences simply got shot on the spot, without a setup. No, I don't say this as a negative aspect but it just makes this movie look less slick than usual these type of genre movies tend to do. This has probably got to do with the movie it's low budget. It after all was only Jacques Demy's first full length movie. It at the same time makes "Lola" unique in its sort and it works out refreshing. But having said that; the movie still does feature some beautifully set up sequences, that are great to look at.

But above all things, the movie thrives on its story. Not that is has some terribly complex writing in it but it has the sort of writing that is being more humble and close to life. It's about real people, in real situations, who are all in one way or another involved with the good old subject of love. It's a boy(s) meet girl(s) sort of story, as simple as that, that yet is being complicated by its clever writing style. The movie features different story lines, following different characters but yet somehow the movie manages to feel like one big whole. The stories aren't really necessarily connected (they could had easily sticked to 2 main characters and 1 main plot line) but yet they are, through its themes and settings. It's some great storytelling, that lets things all come together and keeps the movie great and interesting to watch throughout.

It's simplistic movie-making at its best. The story and characters are all humble ones, which does not only give the movie a realistic feel to it but also a real warm one, especially if you're in a romantic kind of mood.

A more than successful and great debut from Jacques Demy.


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